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I would like to introduce you to Universal Innovative Services, Inc., (UNISINC). Our company provides a full range of services that help your business to grow and prosper.

-- James Brown, President


The business structure and philosophy of Universal Innovative Services, Inc. (UNISINC) was initially conceived by its president, James Whitney Brown, in January 1987. Prior to January 1987, the company was operating on a part-time basis under the name of Productive Computer Services, Inc. Productive Computer Services (PCS) was formally organized in the greater Kansas City area on August 4, 1979 as a sole proprietorship business.

The business was incorporated as a Subchapter S small business corporation in 1980 with computer facilities in the greater Kansas City, Missouri area. The company was very successful in inspiring small businesses, professionals, and educators in the benefits and usefulness of microcomputer systems. The company provided computer consulting, teaching, and training which encompassed user requirement analysis for small businesses, home owners, individuals, and educators to determine their microcomputer hardware, software, and data communication needs to enhance their business, professional, home/personal, and educational endeavor. 

The company performed systems evaluation and selection of microcomputer hardware and software, conducted system feasibility and cost/benefit studies, provided project planning and development in data processing applications and word processing, and provided training in microcomputer programming and operations. The company performed systems analysis, design, programming, installation, and modification of microcomputer application systems. The company provided microcomputer software and technical support to other microcomputer users. Furthermore, the company conducted presentations and seminars to interested parties on how microcomputers can be used as a vital tool in business/accounting, professional use, home/personal use, and education.

The company also provided the following services to enhance the client's business. professional, home/personal, or educational needs:

  • Computer consulting in overall business operation.
  • Computer programming, data base, spread sheet, and wordprocessing training.
  • Computer services in business accounting and wordprocessing.
  • Computer equipment and software technical support.
  • Computer systems and software sales.

In January of 1987, Productive Computer Services, Inc. was reorganized and renamed to Universal Innovative Services, Inc. In realizing the needs and requirements of its clients and understanding the ups and downs of the computer industry, the president realized that the small business owners, professionals, educators, and home owners computer and information systems needs are not necessarily immediate and they had pressing needs and requirement that had to be addressed immediately. This understanding led to the reorganization and renaming of the business to meet the total needs and requirements of its clients.

About the President

The president, James Whitney Brown, relocated to Falls Church, Virginia in August 29, 1988 to accept a computer specialist, project leader position with the Smithsonian Institution. The business went inactive from that period to December 1989. The company was reactivated in January 1990, and in April 1990 the company's Missouri Articles of Incorporation was registered with the state of Virginia. Subsequently, the company was registered with Fairfax County, Virginia and the Washington D.C metropolitan area to include the state of Maryland. The company acquired occupational licenses in Fairfax County, Virginia and is licensed in four areas: ADP Computer Services, Business Consulting, Retail Sales, and Personal Services.

On January 31, 1991, the company relocated to Woodbridge, VA. to acquire more operating space for the business, and also registered the business in Prince Williams County. The company has continued to grow and in January 2, 1999, the business relocated to Stafford, VA. to acquire even more operating space.  The business currently conducts business in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland, as well as maintains its home corporate registration in the state of Missouri. The company, Universal Innovative Services, Inc., uses the slogan very proudly "The Mind Business At Work - Making Ideas Come Alive". The company was reorganized to enhance a full range of information systems services in computer consulting, training, data processing services, software development, computer hardware and software installation, technical support, office automation and local area networking capabilities, retail sales of computer systems, electronic and communications equipment, software, office supplies, furniture, and accessories.

Our professional staff of business officers and associates in information systems services have several years of mainframe, mini, and microcomputer systems experience, and are well versed in a wide variety of computer systems, data base management systems (DBMS), and programming languages. In addition, for businesses that are acquiring computers for the first time or for those in the process of upgrading their existing computer systems can benefit from UNISINC's project planning and acquisition support services.

Our computer systems consultants provide quality professional assistance in researching, evaluating, and selecting the appropriate computer system(s) and associated software that meet the needs and requirements of our clients. This support service will prove to be invaluable in the systems feasibility and cost/benefit studies of computer equipment, software, communications, office automation, and local area networking needs and requirements, and substantially reduce our clients' risk in purchasing computer systems.   

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